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We strive to provide the best possible care and service for our patients. Please leave a review to let us know how we are doing and to share your experience with others.

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Janice T, Birmingham

Alabama Vision Center, specifically the most brilliant Dr. Velazquez and his staff there, have taken care of my eyes since I moved from Huntsville to Birmingham 3 years ago. I have received the best possible care from these caring, compassionate, and most knowledgeable people whom I always look forward to seeing . Since Dr. Velazquez removed the cataracts from both my eyes in 2017, I am amazed that I can see perfectly without prescription eye glasses. This kind and caring doctor was able to give back to me my 20-20 vision, and I thank God that I have Dr. Velazquez's expertise for my eye care, and for his precious staff who take good care of all my appointment, payment, and question needs. And the icing on the cake--I live so close to their office at St Vincent's 119 that it takes me a mere five minutes to get there. However, if they ever moved, I would drive as far as necessary for their care. Thank you all for being the kindest, nicest group of folks I have met here!!!

George, birmingham

I am so happy with my cataract surgery. Dr Velazquez did a great job. He fixed my astigmatism too so now I no longer need glasses to drive.

Kelly, Mt Brook

I now have 20/15 vision thanks to Dr. Kloess. I was literally blind before LASIK surgery and now I have what seems like HD vision. He made the procedure so easy and his staff was so kind, encouraging and just plain fun. Thanks Dr. Kloess for the perfect early Christmas gift!

Kara L, Homewood

Dr. Kloess performed PRK on my eyes 3 weeks ago, and I now have better than 20/20 vision. Beyond how pleased I am with the outcome of the surgery, I am equally pleased with the quality of care I received, which was nothing short of phenomenal. They are kind, professional, knowledgeable, and caring, which put me at ease both before and after the procedure. They are the kind of clinicians you can trust with something as important as your eyesight. I highly recommend Dr. Kloess and AVC!

Jackie, Trussville, AL

I was referred to Dr. Kloess by my optometrist for cataract surgery. From the moment I entered the office I could tell this practice was a step above the rest. I actually qualified for a study they were doing of a new mulltifocal lens. I decided to enter the study, had surgery, and now I can see everything without glasses for the first time in 20 years! I found out later they were only one of 12 centers in the country doing this exciting work. Wow, what an honor. I highly recommend Dr. Kloess and his wonderful staff.

Susan R, Oneonta

I came to Dr. Kloess for cataract removal. I qualified for a study on multi-focal lenses. I have had surgery on both eyes. And in two weeks, I can see amazingly! I would not trust my eyes to any other team of professionals.

Gayle L, Chelsea

I couldn't be more pleased! Dr. Klosse and all who work with him were wonderful and so kind. It made such a difference after I had cataract surgery and received new torc lens. Until I saw so much better I didn't realize how bad it was before. Thank you all!!

Jim and Katie L. , Greystone

Our first visit to AVC was topnotch! Everyone from the front desk, eye technicians to Dr Kloess were extremely professional and very thorough. I can clearly understand why AVC is the top choice for all your eye care needs. We were in on-time for our appointment and all procedures were accomplished without any problems - efficiently. My wife and I strongly recommend Dr Kloess and these wonderful people at AVC. First-class!!

Bobbilene M., Moody

I have been going to AVC for several years now and have not complaints. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and will help you in any way they can. The staff makes sure you understand what they're doing and you can ask questions at any time. I have seen the different doctors over the years, including Dr. Kloess, Velazquez, Mitchell and Young. I wear contacts and they always have a Contact Specialist on staff to make sure you get the right contacts for you. I also suffer from dry eyes and they've helped me stay in contacts even with dry eyes. I really appreciate both of these aspects of their practice.

Terri, Birmingham, Al

Great caring staff. Dr. Kloess is amazing - so professional and experienced and funny. He really put me at ease and gave me confidence. My surgery was painless and my vision is better than it was 40 years ago. God bless Dr. Kloess and his staff. They really do care about their patients which is so refreshing these days.

Amanda B., Birmingham

Alabama Vision Center staff has always been very professional and super sweet every time I have visited their office! I would recommend them to everyone I know. The doctors are very knowledgeable and treat me like part of the family!

Sally M., Trussville

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Kloess! He performed cataract surgery on my right eye two weeks ago and I am truly amazed at the results! My vision is clear and crisp and colors are beautiful again! Dr. Kloess is a caring and compassionate physician who answered all of my questions and gave me great advice throughout this process. I'd also like to give a big shout out to all of the office staff and other eye-care professionals at the Montclair location. Everyone there is kind, respectful, efficient and helpful! I am having the other eye done tomorrow and I know my results will be fantastic! Dr. Kloess is the BEST!

Dale, Homewood, Alabama

These professionals are the best. I was referred by a friend for lasik but ended up needing surgery for cataracts and an astigmatism. Now I'm seeing better than I have in 25 years.

Paula S, Bessemer

Wonderful experience every time I go in.. Dr. Kloess done my lasix surgery 3 years ago and it has been wonderful. Dr Kloess and his staff are professional friendly people that care for their patients.. I have had eye exams at many places with many different doctors and I wouldn't ever want to use anyone but Dr Kloess again..

Vincent G., Chattanooga

Dr. Velaquez did my LASIK procedure several years ago. I was about -4.0 in each eye.....couldn't do anything without my glasses. LASIK was one of the best things I could've done. It freed me from my glasses. I'm now 46 and need readers on occasion but am fully functional without them. I have some glasses that I wear when it's really dark or my eyes get tired but that is rare. I probably only wear them once every couple of months. Dr. V was great. His staff was wonderful. Can't say enough about how professional he was. He explained the procedure in detail. I felt very comfortable with everything. I was also looking for a cornea specialist to do the procedure.

Jennifer M., Trussville

When my husband and I mentioned to friends that we were thinking of Lasik surgery every one of them suggested we see Dr. Kloess. My husband had his done in April and mine was done in June. From the very first phone call to our follow-up appointments after surgery, every staff member was wonderful and we could not be happier with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Kloess, and AVC, to anyone considering Lasik.

Kathy Edwards, Birmingham

Excellence, integrity, professional eye care is what you will find when you visit Alabama Vision Center. Dr. Kloess did my lasik surgery a few years ago and recently cataract surgery. Having lasik was the best decision every & my vision is perfect. It is wonderful not needing glasses. Dr. Kloess and his staff are very friendly and caring. I highly recommend Alabama Vision Center.

Ginny B, Birmingham

Without glasses I have literally been blind as long as I can remember. I often wondered if LASIK would work for me. I heard so many positive things about it but I was scared. I went on line to find the best surgeon and hands down it was Dr. Kloess. His reputation was incredible. I finally worked up the nerve to call for an appointment and I am so glad I did. His staff was amazing and he was kind, personable and spent a lot of time talking with me about my unique situation. I'm sure he sensed how nervous I was and went out of his way to put me at ease. I was so glad to know I was a candidate for LASIK. He made the whole process so easy. He even called me that night to check up on me! The surgery was painless and I started crying immediately afterwards because I could see so much better. I now have perfect vision . I will always be grateful to Dr. Kloess. He really does care about his patients.

Jim S, Birmingham

I had LASIK with Dr. Kloess last month. He was highly reommended by all my co-workers and now I know why. The surgery was a breeze and my vision is amazing. I feel like I have HD glasses on. Thanks to Dr. Kloess and his awesome staff!

AJ, Birmingham

My husband and I have both had Lasik surgery in the past 6 months with Dr. Kloess. We have been extremely satisfied so far. Dr. Kloess has been so kind and helpful throughout the entire process. I really appreciate the time spent explaining the procedure and ensuring that everything went smoothly. The facilities are nice and the staff are very friendly. We would recommend Dr. Kloess and Alabama Vision to anyone interested in Lasik surgery.

Rhonda, Birmingham

I am very pleased with my surgery. I don't have to wear glasses anymore. I would recommend it to anyone!

Cynthia B, Morris

PREMIUM RESTOR. What a Great Life Changing Experience. Dr. Kloess and his staff were so attentive, everyone was super nice. I am so happy with the results - I can see "without" glasses.

Cynthia B, Morris

PREMIUM RESTOR. What a Great Experience! I would have done it along time ago if I had only know how easy it was and how well I could see. I see almost as well as I did when I was 20! I am so glad I had the surgery!!!!

Brittany, Pell City

I was so nervous before my cataract surgery. Dr. Kloess realyy put me at ease. I felt no pain and my vision is incredible! I have not seen this well in 40 years. Thanks Dr. Kloess for improving my life!

Holly, Birmingham

Just had LASIK with Dr. Kloess. My vision is amazing. I feel like I am seeing in HD! Many thanks to Dr. Kloess and his wonderful team.

Courtney, Birmingham

LASIK was a wonderful experience at Alabama Vision Center. Dr. Kloess is a skilled and caring surgeon and my results are outstanding. The office staff is kind and always willing to help. I strongly recommend Alabama Vision Center!

Robert, Hoover

I live in Greystone and was looking for a new eye doctor. My vision has been blurred lately. I am so glad I found Dr. Andrew Velazquez. He has an office at St. Vincent's 119 which is practically in my back yard. He said I had cataracts and was able to do the surgery there too. Everything was so easy and my vision is great. I am so glad to know that we can have cataract surgery in this area. I highly recommend Dr. Velazquez's eye group.

Sue , Mountain Brook

I love my new contacts. Dr. Mitchell is the best! My eyes are not red anymore.

Bob W., Vestavia

I just had cataract surgery with Dr. Price Kloess. The eye doctor I had been seeing for 20 years said his group were the best eye surgeons in Birmingham and I believe it. I really hate glasses and he said I was a good candidate for a multifocal lens just like my glasses. I chose that lens and I love it. I can see everything up close and far away. I do have a little bit of glare at night but it does not bother me. I am so happy with my vision. I feel like I am 20 again. Thanks so much to Dr. Kloess (and Dr. Brown who sent me).

Jane N., Mountain Brook

Dr. Holly Young has been my eye doctor since moving to Birmingham in 2012. My previous doctors could never get my contacts just right but she did. I am so thankful for her expertise and professionalism. I recommend her to all of my friends and family.

Karen M, Pelham

I just had cataract surgery with Dr. Bartlett. Everything went well and he was so friendly and caring. My vision is a lot better. I appreciate his good work.

Laura, birmingham

Dr. Velazquez did my LASIK surgery one year ago. i am still 20/15 with no contacts! This is the best vision of my life/ Thanks Dr. V and your amazing staff!!!

Alan C, birmingham

I had cataract surgery with Dr. Kloess this week. Let me just say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The procedure was painless and my vision is perfect. The staff at the Birmingham Surgery Center was wonderful. If you need cataract surgery I highly recommend Dr. Kloess and his fantastic team.

jay d, Pelham

I have a corneal disease called keraconus. My doctor recommended a special type of contact called a scleral. He referred me to Dr. Brittany Mitchell who specializes in this. She was great but it took more visits than I expected and the cost was significant. Overall I am very happy and I see much better. Dr. Mitchell was very nice and thorough.

Ann H, birmingham

I had cataract surgery last year. Dr. Kloess performed it. I was a bit nervous so I asked around and literally everyone recommended him. He was so nice and thorough and the surgery was really easy. In fact, I no longer need glasses (I have been wearing them for 50 years!). Thank you so much Dr. Kloess. I recommend you to all my friends.

Fred, H

This is Fred Hunter from Fox 6 news. This year is my 15th year anniversary for having LASIK. My eye doctor in Tuscaloosa recommended Dr. Kloess way back then . Letting Dr. Kloess do my surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since then he has performed LASIK on two of our daughters. Everyday I remain thankful for my great vision and for Dr. Kloess and his excellent staff. The are "Absolutely Alabama!"

Alan, C

I had cataract surgery yesterday with Dr. Kloess. Let me just say this was one of the BEST experiences of my life. It was painless and my vision is already perfect. Dr. Kloess was so professional and the Birmingham Surgery Center was great. I cannot wait to have my other eye done!

Peter L, Huntsville

I just had cataract surgery with Dr. Velazquez. I wanted an upgraded lens so I could read. He did a very thorough evaluation and thankfully I was a candidate for a bifocal implant. My surgery was painless and for the first time in years I can see everything without glasses. Dr. Velazquez and his staff were great.

Joy T, Birmingham

Dr. Kloess did my LASIK surgery 18 years ago. My vision is still wonderful. He also did LASIK on my brother who flew up from Orlando to have his surgery. Dr. Kloess has taken such great care of my family. We are grateful for his good work.

Paula D, Birmingham

I am SO happy with the results of my LASIK surgery. Dr. Kloess and his staff were so kind and caring. My vision is amazing! I would recommend Dr. Kloess to anyone considering LASIK.

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